Nabadhaara, also known as Nau dhara is located at lap of Phulchowki hill which is the tallest hill of kathmandu valley. It can be also said that Nau dhara is the starting point to start trekking to Phulchowki. Nau dhara means 9 taps in Nepali. Surrounded by trees, you can find 9 tap with waters coming out of it, a pond and temples. Peaceful and silent places in the middle of a dense forest, where you can completely get lost in the nature. It is just some minutes away from a busy road. The pitched road from the bus park to the temple is just beautiful, surrounded by trees.
Nau Dhara is not only famous for the 9 taps. Nau dhara has a temple of a Devi, a Goddess. She is worshiped at the time of Dashain, biggest festival of Hindus. And also marriage ceremonies are held here. So it remain silent unless there is some marriage ceremony or is Dashain. You can feel the freshness and peace. It is believed that this place was developed at Rana Reign. Rana families built houses at Godavari to escape the summer heat. As per locals it is said that Juddha Sumsher commissioned the construction of Nau dhara in today’s form.