The Swetbarahi Temple lies close to one of the most beautiful places in the Kathmandu Valley, Godawari. Luscious green trees surround the Swetbarahi Temple, and the sacred Godavari River runs alongside the temple. The Swetbarahi is one of four well-known temples (others include Bajrabarahi, Nailbarahi, and Dhumbarahi) of the tantric goddess. The Nilbarahi temple lies in the east, Dhumbarahi temple in the west, Swetbarahi temple in the north, and Bajrabarahi temple in the south. Believers and worshippers participate in and perform social events like weddings, pasni, and more.

The resort and the temple face each other, making the view from the resort more pleasing. The unpolluted and peaceful surrounding of the temple makes it an even better choice for a picnic with friends and family.