Pancha Dhara is a famous place at Godavari,Lalitpur,Nepal. It is also famously known as Godavari kunda. Similar to Nau dhara, Panch dhara is also a Nepali name for 5 taps, where “Pancha” stands for 5 and “Dhara” stands for “taps”. Pancha dhara has 5 taps flowing with fresh spring water every time, small temples, and ponds. Old stone taps designed as dragon heads are very beautiful. Dense forest all around add another beauty to it. There is also a buddist monastery near by it.

Godavari kunda is a sacred spring on the right-hand side of the road – and, on the left, a tank bordered by a neat line of Shaivite shrines. Every 12 years (next in 2027) thousands of pilgrims come to the spring to bathe and gain spiritual merit.

Across the road from Godavari Kunda is a tiny scenic lake that leads to the entrance of a 30-hectare woodland, which is managed by local people and provides a haven for 300 species of birds and loads of picnickers.